Since the start of our Festival in 1999 we have always used an image of a pig on our Festival literature and promotional material.The title of the Festival which includes the word Muckno is in reference to the scenic lake Muckno and the parish of Muckno. The lake took its name from a story which tells how a Saint Maeldoid tried to build a Monastery on one side of the lake but had to change it when a Black Pig emerged from the lake to knock down the walls each night.  The lake was then called Muc Snmh which is the Irish for the swimming pig. However poor english pronunciation back the years translated it to Muckno.


In 2007 we introduced a new humorous pig logo which depicts our pig in a bathing suit holding a micro-phone which represents his history and the Festival Programme of Entertainment.  In a school competition local girl Erin Brady named the pig Wilbert and he is now synonymous with the Festival.