Muckno Mania 18th - 21st July 2013

As part of the 2008 Muckno Mania Festival a world record attempt took place on Friday the 18th of July when 1253 people dressed up as Smurfs and took to the streets of Castleblayney and successfully beat the previous Guinness World Record of 451 dressed up as Smurfs in the one place at the one time.


This was a sight to behold on the towns Main Street and TV Crews from RTE and TV3 and nationwide were there to record the Event.  An official Adjudicator from the Guinness World Records Erica Holmes Attivor travelled from London to scrutinise the event and duly declared the attempts successful smashing the Previous Record by Warrick in the UK.

Only those who observed the proper dress code and were fully painted were counted on the day.

The dress code included white trousers, plan blue top, white Smurf hat and rest of bare skin covered with blue paint.

It was a crazy idea but then thatís what makes us tick and these are the things that will be remembered for generations to come.  Well done and thanks to all those who joined us on the day and put Castleblayney on the World map.

Unfortunately the record was beaten in June 2009 when Sansea University gathered together 2510 Smurfs. However in the context that Swansea University has 12,000 students on Campus as opposed to Castleblayneys Population of just over 3,000 together with the involvement of a major Fancy Dress supplier who supplied all Swanseas costumes while the people of Castleblayney had to come up with their own.

I think the Blayney Record was a far greater achievement!!!! Furthermore the Blayney Record has made it in to the 2010 Guinness World Record Book.