Muckno Mania 18th - 21st July


Castleblayney truly turned into BEDROCK on Friday 16th July 2010 when 905 people dressed   up as the "Flintstones" setting  a NEW Guinness World Record for  "The most people dressed up as cartoon charaters"


It was a weekend of achievements and celebrations from the success of the town smashing a Guinness World Record with 905 people dressed as Flintstones on Friday 16th July'10. This is Castleblayney SECOND Guinness World Record in two Years. The first Guinness World Record being last year with the most amount of people (1253 in total) dressed up as the "Smurfs."


A fantastic effort was made by all young and old to dress up as Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty, Pebbles & Bambam.

A BIG thank you   to the 905 people of Castleblayney of   all ages who joined in the FUN and got into the "Flintstone" spirit and who made it possible to achieve this NEW Guinness World Record.


Can you spot yourself in our record breaking achievement?



Click on link below for offical Guinness World Record web page: